5 Reasons Why You Should Transition To A Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know that your lifestyle can determine your life span? That bad habits eventually take a toll on your body and shorten your life span in the long run? Say you're supposed to live up to 80 at most but 20 years of smoking, drinking alcohol, avoiding exercise and not eating well reduces your life expectancy to about 60 years?

Now you know.

In recent times, there has been a lot of awareness on healthy living. Every other week, we hear people dropping dead from all kinds of illnesses and one can only wonder the root cause of all these. One thing is certain though, in the last century, our lifestyle has changed for the worse and right now, we're simply suffering the repercussions. 

Now, there might someone out there who still doesn't get it, who doesn't understand the importance of taking control of their lifestyle. Someone who still believes they can get away with their current lifestyle. Well, I'm here to convince him/her to have a change of heart.

So, here are five reasons you need to pause this minute and reconsider transitioning to a healthy lifestyle. 'Transitioning' because it cannot be done overnight. It takes intentional baby steps.

  • You get to live longer

Think about it for a minute. Did you ever think that making a few changes in your lifestyle can  help you live longer? You know those aged people who still insist on taking a walk or even taking the stairs? There's a reason for that. Over time, exercising has become a part of their lifestyle such that they can't do without it. This, in turn has strengthened them and increased their life span. So consider checking those four culprits - smoking, drinking, bad diet & non-existent exercise - and make adjustments where necessary. You might just be saving your life.

  • You're more immune to sicknesses and diseases

Imagine eating the right serving of fruits and vegetables regularly and working out as well, do you think you'll still fall sick? I think not because the nutrients in all the healthy food you're eating will fight free radicals which attempt to wreck havoc on your body. Bad lifestyle has also been linked to chronic diseases such as heart failure, diabetes and cancer. You'll be doing yourself a great disservice if you don't check yourself.

  • You have a better and improved appearance.

You know those people that always have good skin and when asked about their secret they say, 'vegetables and water'? I'm sure you have heard about a number of people especially celebrities. Well, it's true. The vitamins present in fruits and vegetables work together to improve your appearance and treat your skin issues. For example, Vitamin A supports healthy skin, hair and nails while Vitamin C helps prevent free radical damage involved in the aging process.

  • You protect your mental health.

Did you know that your diet can cause depression and anxiety? I bet you didn't know. If you easily feel depressed for no valid reason, you need to check the food you're eating. If it falls short of a balanced diet, that might just contribute to your mental health. Having a healthy diet and an active lifestyle ensures that your mood and cognitive function play an important role in our quality of life, productivity and relationships.

  • You're more energised and function properly.

Do you ever get unnecessarily tired and exhausted frequently? Apart from the fact that you might have caught something, it also means that it's time to change your lifestyle. Regular exercise ensures that you're less stressed, more energised and generally more productive. Find out the lifestyle of those people that come across as workaholics who still never seem to fall ill. You'll realise that they have an active healthy lifestyle.

I hope someone has been convinced to choose wisely. Remember, better late than having to spend millions in a hospital.